A-List of Excellent Article Writing Sites

5 Prolific Article Writing Sites

Article writing is vast in the sense that there are many topics to be covered, and the number of fields one can cover is immense. Some writers choose to focus on either lifestyle, academics, social issues, the environment, or to some extent, personal experiences. As a student, one can subscribe to any of these at free will as these sites offer useful knowledge through their articles, which could be used to build and shape character.


Through this site, students can access all types of articles ranging from arts and design, fashion, cooking, lifestyle, health issues, and so on. On the top left corner of the page, you should be able to choose which field you prefer to sieve through. From this, you will get tailored information best suited to quench your thirst for knowledge. Besides being grouped into categories, the articles are also headlined with topics to facilitate ease of access. The pieces have a comment section where they can offer their review and sentiments after reading through. It could also be used as a platform to add extra information. Hubpages also provides students with opportunities to write these articles for a fee. This means that students not only get to read, but they could also contribute to the provision of knowledge in this pool.


Students could majorly benefit from this site as well. It has a lot of articles that are based on different topics all the same. Jamesclear.com offers an exciting read with articles on personal experiences. The author was also keen to include fascinating issues among them, books to read, travel guides, best habits as well as matters to do with creativity. In short, this site covers a lot, and for that matter, offers insights into way too much in life.


This site has about 170,000 articles published already, and it boasts of nearly 60,000 authors. This serves as a vast pool of knowledge and entertainment. It is also subdivided and grouped into categories based on the time. That way, the individuals visiting the site can access the most recent posts with ease.


Bloomberg is a well-known site by most students. Its wide range of articles, mostly business-related, serves as a comprehensive source of information for many. It helps understand finances, build networks, and act as a sieve through heaps of case scenarios that most individuals encounter in their career.

Wall Street Journal

Serving as a well-known information platform, it acts like a newspaper with information on life, ranging from economic status, finance, lifestyle, sports, politics, art, and entertainment. It publishes several articles in one day. They also have an archive of previously posted content that is still viable for consumption by the students and the general public.

As a student, these article writing sites can also offer job opportunities through their ability to employ and empower young writers. The 5 trusted article writing sites that we consider reliable for students can be terrific options to start with. Try your luck today!

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