Does a Research Proposal Need an Abstract: Professional Insight to Writing a Perfect Piece

Learn What You Need to Write Excellently for Professionals

Many students feel that they are in a rush and fail to follow some guidelines for persuasive writing. However, the steps they skip haunt them when writing their papers. The best way is to stay true to your works and do the needful if you want to deliver a perfect piece.

Before considering what you need to do to write an excellent piece, there is always a heated debate on whether a research proposal should have an abstract in answering this question; note that different supervisors and institutions may have their particular requirements. Some may want you to include it or not. Therefore, ensure that you work with the writing guidelines you get from your instructor. If they are silent about it, it is ideal for including it.

So, what is an abstract? It summarizes the entire research proposal that allows another person who does not have prior information about your work or similar project to understand it entirely. Ensure that each work counts because it is a short piece of about 300 words. An abstract aims to point out the essential aspects of the entire article. These are the main things that an abstract addresses:

  1. The overall purpose of the study and the research problems investigated
  2. The research design
  3. Significant findings and or trends from the analysis
  4. A summary of the interpretation and conclusion

The abstract elaborates on the above-noted points to allow the reader to know whether he or she will read the entire paper or not. Therefore, ensure you provide enough preliminary information to let anyone examine your work.

Read other abstracts to ensure you provide enough information. You can imagine being a researcher and read your piece to see if the information you have provided will give value to what you need.

How to Write a Great Piece

Whether you want to write the entire paper or a section of your proposal, you must understand that various things fall into three phases that determine your wok's quality. You have the pre-writing stage, writing and post-writing phase. Both of these sections are important to a learner. However, the majorities concentrate on the writing and forget about the rest, ignoring that they are related, and if you omit one, you will struggle in the other.

Do enough study and define your work if you want to deliver a perfect research proposal. It is because the pre-writing phase prepares you for excellent writing. It is where you find reliable information about your subject and create an outline to enable you to compose a coherent piece. You struggle to write if you neglect it.

After you have written your piece, do not forget to edit and proofread it. You have not completed your assignment if you have not reviewed your work. The review ensures that you iron out all the errors committed to providing a quality paper. Simple mistakes can reduce the superiority of your work. So, you can make an excellent research proposal paper if you adhere to all writing phases.

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