Research Proposal Has Key Sections That You Must Know About

Primary Components That Make a Research Proposal

College students will have to complete at least one research project before they graduate or essays order. Whether time is due or not, you have to learn about the different aspects that make a research proposal. Many students struggle to write a winning research proposal because they look at the whole document without breaking it into its primary parts.

However, the easiest way to compose a winning research proposal is by breaking it into individual parts. It makes your work easy because you can devote time to a single section and profoundly learn about it. Do not worry if you have had challenges writing your proposal. The article will enable you know about the primary requirements and write expertly.

Your proposal may vary depending on the purpose. Some institutions may want you to structure it in a particular manner. Therefore, ensure that you also consider the writing guidelines from the supervisor before you embark on writing.

Title page

Different sponsoring agencies provide detailed information on how to format the title page. The title page is brief but straightforward to portray the nature of the proposed study.


It summarizes the entire paper that highlights the problem addressed, the findings and particular objectives and the methods applied.

Table of contents

It is a section that lists all the sections and subsections of the proposal. The content must be aligned in the order presented in the table on contents.


It includes the aim of the study, its significance and the problem statement. It starts with something the piques the reader’s interest before introducing the subject. It must provide sufficient information to enables anyone reading your piece to locate the problem in its context.

Literature review

It is a section that provides data about what other authors have provided about the same subject. It helps to identify the gap in knowledge, which becomes the study focus.

It is essential because it gives competence to your work and proposes that the previous work should be continued by pointing the gap.

Description of the proposed study

It is also referred to as the methodology section, which includes the approaches used to complete research. It is the main section of the proposal that contains the primary concerns and the technical review. Ensure that you:

  1. Be realistic on what can be achieved
  2. Provide sufficient information about the hypotheses that carry the study
  3. Point out the focus of the study clearly
  4. Provide a clear description and schedule of the proposed work
  5. Highlight the means to be used to assess data
  6. Rationalize your approaches used in the research
  7. Be concise about the link between the objectives and the research methods

These are some of the elements that you must point out in the methodology section. Other vital areas that you must not leave out when drafting your research proposal include:

  1. Explanation of pertinent institutions resources
  2. Reference list
  3. Personnel
  4. Budget

With these sections, you will be able to write a good proposal without straining. Ensure that you handle each section and provide detailed information. You will have a quality piece in the end when you compile them.

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