10 brutal games of Manchester United that may affect the “Solcha” chair

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“Red Devils” Manchester United are prepared to face a brutal program during the international break. Because they will have to go down the field to face 10 strong teams in every list. And it could be a decisive moment for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the boss’s chair at Old Trafford as well, if his performance in the last 10 games has not been impressive.

Matchday 1: Leicester in the Premier League 16 October 2021 (Away)

kicked off with an away defeat to Leicester in the Premier League. According to the program after the break on the night of October 16, in which the confrontation with Leicester have never been easy for Manchester United, although manager Brendan Rodgers’ men have been less impressive at the start of the season.

2nd match: Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League 21 Oct 2021 (home),

after that, Manchester United has a program to play the game of European ufabet clubs, the biggest cup in Europe. Lanta, a strong team from Serie A, are still top of Group F and remain unbeaten in two group games.

Match 3: Liverpool in the Premier League on October 24, 2021 (home)

continue with a game of prestige in the “red boiling” battle, welcoming the “Reds”, Liverpool, the eternal rival team. By now, manager Jurgen Klopp’s men still maintain an unbeaten record in the Premier League. And held the position of vice-president of the crowd with a score behind Chelsea, the No. 1 team, only one point.

Matchday 4: Spurs in the Premier League, October 30, 2021 (away).

Although there has been a drop in form lately, the “Golden Spikes” Spurs often make it difficult for Manchester United. United in the Premier League is on a regular basis. So it’s definitely not an easy job for the locals. And was the side that lost at home with a demolished score of 1-6 before.

Matchday 5: Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League 3 Nov 2021 (away)

could be a decisive game for qualifying for the knockout rounds of European club football’s biggest cup. Europe is the same Because it is the fourth game in the group stage of UEFA. Champions League and it will have to visit Atalanta, which plays at home quite well.

Match 6: Manchester City in the Premier League 6 Nov 2021 (home)

is another game where prestige is at stake because this is a “Manchester derby match” despite having opened the house. welcome “The Blues” Manchester City, a rival team in the same city. But the reigning champions are ready to invade the Premier League home team as they have done before.

Matchday 7: Watford in the Premier League 20 Nov 2021 (away)

looks like a no-brainer. because it is a visit to the new team But let’s not forget that the “horns rampant” Watford have now replaced the head coach Claudio Ranieri, the veteran coach who led Leicester to the shocking Premier League title. It is certainly not common.

Matchday 8: Villarreal in the UEFA Champions League 24 Nov 2021 (away)

Facing the “submarine” Villarreal has never been easy for Manchester. United, although they still want revenge from the UEFA Europa League final, are considered the home team to perform well in their homeland. And still unbeaten in the Spanish La Liga battle this season as well. This game may be the decisive match to qualify for the knockout round in Europe’s biggest European football club competition. Because this is the 4th match of the group stage.

Match 9: Chelsea in the Premier League 28 Nov 2021 (away)

“Lions Navy Blue” Chelsea, this name guarantees strength. and has a degree to the owner of the position “The European club” from last season as well. It is a hard work of Manchester United for sure, because they will have to play as an away team again.

Matchday 10: Arsenal in the Premier League 1 Dec 2021 (home)

ending with an open home game to welcome “Cannons” Arsenal in the Premier League. Although the visiting team has the potential that looks inferior. If measured by the work in the later period But if Manchester United’s line of defense continues to lose goals easily It may be a defeat to the youngsters in the offensive line of the opposing team as well.