David Beckham ‘s free-kick was 20 years ago

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6 October 2001 should be another day of memory for England fans as the team were thrilled with injury time at Old. Trafford and his participation in the 2002 World Cup


         David Beckham’s free-kick in the 90+3 minutes gave the “roaring lion” army to equalize Greece 2-2, sending the team of Sven-Goran Eriksson to the final without exhausting play. off

         This is probably one of the most famous free-kicks in the world because this is David Beckham. His is a beautiful goal. This is the England national team. This is the ticket to the final in the competition. South Korea – Japan sent to Germany, who were excited to have to continue to be tired after falling into the second group from this goal.

         Returning to that game, Greece, who had no chance of winning, surprised with a 36th-minute lead from Angelos Charisteas before Teddy Sheringham’s header equalized in the 68th minute. Just a minute later, Themistoclis Nikolaidis will break the door for the visitors to take the lead again.

The game looked like it ended in defeat, but the aforementioned free-kicks helped the team to keep one crucial point.

John Motson

John Motson commentator Talking about the free-kick that day, I still can’t believe that the ball will roll to the bottom of the net. But at that moment, the mood was extremely turbulent.

         “Beckham… Yes! Yes! Done, David Beckham! Excellent! 2-2 and England are still going to the World Cup.” An excited voice came through the BBC as everyone jumped in joy.

         “It’s a natural occurrence, it’s not 100 per cent that England will automatically qualify in Japan and South Korea when Beckham scores because Germany also plays against Finland at Gelsenkirchen.”