Experience another side of “Cristiano Ronaldo”

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In addition to the enormous pressure that came from oneself One of the things that motivated him to become a world-class player. That is what is known as ” family ” , especially mothers, beloved one , ” Maria Dolores Avenue on Wednesday .”

Going back in time , Maria Dolores Aveiro became a widow. After Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s father passed away, however, she did her best. to push this son until he became a professional footballer with full pride  

For now, let’s try to recall a little bit of how she raised “CR7” . Until arriving as a football superstar like today, of course, everything is not easy. and must be exchanged with sweat – enormous physical strength.

Maria started saying she had an idea Cristiano Ronaldo wants abortion His sister was 12 at the time and her brother was 10 , and she didn’t want any more children. with the necessity of living Abortion ran into my head. It was true that she admitted that it had happened.  

However, she didn’t do that. she went to the doctor Describe the difficulties encountered in life. The doctor told her that This child will make you happy. For some reason from God She gave birth to Ronaldo He was a strong boy. Born with a weight of 4 kg.

When asked about Ronaldo’s childhood personality, Maria said he was the sweetest little boy in the house. He was always a good boy. There were very few times that he would go outside the rules. That’s because he likes to go out to play football until late at night. Sometimes he returned home around 4 pm or 4 pm , but that’s unacceptable.