Fifa prepares 32 balls in a bowl for World Cup

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The 2022 World Cup has 29 countries confirmed to have qualified for the finals in Qatar. And the teams are divide into 4 pots to prepare for the draw for the group on Friday.

The 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar will be in Pot 1 alongside the seven other best-rank nations in the FIFA rankings:

Brazil (1)

Belgium (2)

France (3)

Argentina (4)

England (5)

Spain (7)

Portugal (8)

only Italy, ranked 6th, missed out on the final round ufabet.

Pot 2 consisted of eight nations ranked in order of ranking after pot Mexico (9), Netherlands (10), Denmark (11), Germany (12), Uruguay (13), Switzerland ( 14), USA (15), Croatia (16) and Pot 3 are next in line: Senegal (20), Iran (21), Japan (23), Morocco (24), Serbia (25), Poland ( 26), South Korea (29), Tunisia (35).

and Pot 4 Cameroon (37), Canada (38), Ecuador (46), Saudi Arabia (49), Ghana (60), plus three quotas pending play-off rounds, UEFA A. Between Wales or Scotland or Ukraine, AFC UAE or Australia vs Conmebol Peru and CONCACAF Costa Rica vs Oceania New Zealand.

However, if Wales is rank 18th according to the FIFA rankings Win European play-off tickets. It will not be moved to Pot 3. Because FIFA has state that nations that have not complete. The play-offs will be drawn in Pot 4 in order not to affect the upcoming draw April 1.