Havertz asks for time to tune in “Rom”

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Kai Havertz admits that the arrival of Romelu Lukaku and taking the spear has forced him to adjust to his team-mate. including new ways to play believe that if there is a chance to catch a little more way, you have to fight

Kai Havertz last season was caught swapping both playmakers number #10, 3-4-2-1 system, or maybe even spears at the target in some games that have to face tough opponents.  

However, this season, when Lukaku came into the main target spear. Causing the Deutsche shin to return to the pair number #10, which no matter where he stands, he hopes to produce the best results.

“ Our team is rich in attacking players. And then sometimes we switch positions. Sometimes I play number 10, sometimes number 9. “ Opening mouth to the official website.

“ I like to play in the front and stand there as a team system often. It’s fun. It’s a favorite location anywhere. And it’s even better to play at this point with the good players on the team. ” 

“ Right now, Lukaku might be the one defenders of all opposing teams are looking to deal with. Sometimes they surround themselves with a few people behind them, so it gives us plenty of room to play around him. ”

“ That guy has been playing with the team for a while. So it gets better when it gets in the way of him, of course , Romelu is a great striker , especially in the last few games it’s been very clear. ”  

The 22- year-old has played six league games this season. Scored only one goal in Liverpool 1-1 draw