Jones is proud to kick 2 World Cups even today as a long reserve

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Experienced Manchester United centre-back Phil Jones has recall that few people in football have been given the chance to qualify for two FIFA World Cups like him. So it’s a great pride even today. The status of the last reserve

Jones was absent from Manchester United to more than 19 months to refresh a sore knee. Even the name back unused items Carabao Cup third round defeat West Ham 0-1 months.  

Which because the field has been abandon for a long time. The 29- year- old footballer is told by keyboard thugs to practice just for a salary. Lack of ambition despite being young and assorted.

However, the good players do not want to care. because you know what your self worth is In addition, the England national team Having played two World Cup finals in 2014 and 2018, it’s not something any player can do easily.

” Of course it’s something that makes me proud, ” Jones told the club’s podcast. 

FIFA World Cups

  “ There are few people he can say that he has played two FIFA World Cups, although I may not start. But being one of the teams chosen by the England national team represent the country to compete at that level Especially the two World Cup finals and the other Euros. It’s something to be proud of. ”

“ I still keep the shirt I wore back then. Obviously, that was the hour of pride. ”

The past has to be immerse in the past as Jones’ interfering opportunities in the league will be difficult at the moment as four central defenders’ choice is blocked.  

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