Pablo Gabi, the wonderful youngster

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Broken pen to fall apart with the form of playing the national team’s first match of Pablo Gabi, the Spanish media see too soon. But he has shown that in football, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough, and Gabi is an amazing player at the age of 18.

Create a buzz by being called Luis Enrique in the Spanish national team soon. Wednesday night became the youngest player in the history to make a senior appearance at 17 years and 62 days, beating Angel Subiata’s previous record of 17 years, 284. day year 1936 

But all that happen Still not as impressive as the performance at San Siro in the game. That help Spain topple Italy 2-1, ending a 37-match unbeaten record of the Euro champions. 

Pablo Gabi

At the age of 18, Gabi didn’t just play as a starter. But still showing a superb performance that stops the criticism from the Spanish media that “It’s too early for this kid” 

no waking up Excellent first touch, dare to call the ball, dare to go, choose shots, play smart. Plus the game is good as well. As a midfield player, Gabi completed 89% of his passes, that’s not bad at all.  

Sports reporter Sergi Capdevila compares Gabi’s style of play to the swaying. Beautiful Iniesta of his youth. but not fierce Makelele, Medel or Casemiro   

While Demetrio Albertini, former AC Milan and Barcelona midfielder in 2005, said of Gabi: “Gabi is unbelievable, he’s Francesco Tot. You can call it that way. But in Spain there is a competition where the second team of each club has the opportunity to play seriously. Where talent is refined and experience is enhance. We can see the talent players right there. he has a brave heart and when you give him a chance He was never afraid.”

Luis Enrique, who bets high on Gabi, praised, “What happened to Gabi is not normal. He is now a Spanish national team player. It might seem like a lie But this is his first game with the national team.” 

This time, Gabi has already passed the proof. He is recognize as a senior player for the Spanish national team. Even with only 83 minutes on it, it’s amazing what Enrique and Albertini really said. 

Gabi’s path 

Amid Barcelona’s financial crisis this season, the club has been unable to spend money on the superstar. And also reluctant to release the core players, especially Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann, that makes the opportunity fall to many young players to play in the team. big 

Whether it’s Yousuf Demir, Alejandro Valde, Nico Gonzalez and of course including Gabi, who got the chance to play for the first time in La Liga’s third match against Keta Fe, having been substituted for Sergi Roberto in the 73rd minute.

He then came on as a substitute again in the 1-1 draw with Granada (played in the 59th minute) before starting three straight games against Cadiz, Levante and Atletico Madrid. 

Total playing time in official games is 288 minutes, divided into La Liga 200 and in the UEFA Champions League 88 minutes. 

For general football fans, Gabi may have only been known recently. And was surprise at the pace that was beyond his age. But most Barça fans have known him for quite some time. Looking back on the path that has pass We can see that Gabi hasn’t just stood out and what he’s done is. It’s not something that has only been doing it for the last two months.   

Pablo Martin Paez

Gabi, whose full name is Pablo Martin Paez, is the son of Pablo Martin Paez and has a younger sister named Aurora, born August 5, 2004 in Los Angeles. Palacios y Villafranca is a city in the province of Seville. Andalusia, height 1.73 cm.

Gabi started playing football with Liera Balompi, a small football club in the village. Before moving to the youth team of Real Betis, one of Sevilla’s big clubs, there, Gavi was a genius, scoring 96 goals in a local tournament in the Benjamin division. N.A. (8-9 years old), at which time there was Fernando Caceres as a trainer. 

Gabi’s name is spoken all over the place. Causing many famous clubs in La Liga to show interest in drawing him away that time, both Villarreal, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona