Rivaldo supports Salah, Ballon d’Or

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Brazilian legend Rivaldo has back Liverpool star Mohamed Salah into one of the final three candidates for the 2021 Ballon d’Or, despite the lack of finish last season. Dharma with the club on hand

France Football magazine has release a list of 30 players who have been voted on by top football journalists from around the world. before being cut down to the last three  

Candidate eyes casino gambling is Lionel Messi of Paris Saint – Germain to create a pre-season as Barcelona made it 38 goals from 47 games , winning the Copa del Rey before. Will go to win the Copa America with his home country in the summer.

Plus players from Chelsea at Georgina Santos Moutinho was the champion Rich PS . The club or the Euro 2020 the Italian national team. And Robert Levante Rudolf Kowalski President Jean killer hot foot of Manchester. North Munich.

However, the degree of the football world championship in 2002 saw Salah a candidate 3 final reason form the beginning of Season 2021-22 ablaze.

“ Liverpool ‘s Egyptian attacker has produced an exciting start to the new season. Added an incredible record and a great goal against Manchester City last week, ” said ‘ Bet Fair ‘ interview .

“ When you push yourself to be in excellent physical condition. Then you will definitely become a top player worthy of being contenders for the Ballon d’Or this season. ” 

Rivaldo also won the Golden Cup in 1999 as a Barcelona player.