Ronaldo cleared of rape scandal “American woman”

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Chris Gutierrez down Ronaldo kick the good of the “Red Devils” Manchester United. The club veterans in the Premier League. The English are going to be allegations of rape that lasted so long. After being accuse of raping Kathryn Mallorca in the United States in 2009.

Las Vegas court finally decided to formally end the case on Friday afternoon, October 8. Daniel Albrechts, United States judge has decide to dismiss the lawsuit. Because the woman’s documents were hacke. Legally. Such information is deem unreliable.

By the incident, it happened in 2009, when the 24-year-old footballer was on vacation in Las Vegas with his brother-in-law and cousin. Before meeting Kathryn Mallorca, who works at the Palms Casino Resort nightclub, they move on to a private room where Mallorca claims the star forced her to rape her despite her refusal.

Cristiano Ronaldo

However, Cristiano Ronaldo has always denied the allegations, and in 2010 the two sides reached a settlement outside the courts. agreed to pay her £375,000 (about 17.25 million baht) to finish the story

But in 2018, Mallorca filed a lawsuit. Portugal national team captain again and asked for a new investigation. Claiming that when agreeing to make an agreement. It is cause by her being threaten by the other party. This time, she demanded up to 54 million pounds (about 2,484 million baht), divided into pain from the past, pain that may occur in the future. and penalties of 18 million pounds each (about 828 million baht)

before the court in Las Vegas finally decided to dismiss the case last week. Because it could not be proven on the basis of reason. Including the information of the woman obtained is consider unreliable. Kathryn Mallorca’s side has 14 days to oppose this ruling.

Ronaldo’s lawyer Peter Christiansen said he was delight with the verdict. “We are delight that the court has considered this matter thoroughly. And using the law properly led to the recommendation of Ronaldo withdrawing the lawsuit,” the celebrity lawyer said.