Spalletti doesn’t see a penalty but believes Barca should always win

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Luciano Spalletti, Napoli coach think that the penalty stroke should not happen But on the other hand, I believe that Barcelona always deserves results.

Azzura drew 1-1 with Barcelona at Camp Nou in their Europa League play-off first leg on Thursday. The second game will be played in Naples next week.

However, there was a problem after Adama Traore opened the ball to touch the finger of Napoli defender Juan Jesus, resulting in a penalty before Ferran Torres killed the hosts to equalize. 

“With all due respect, I would say Barcelona always deserves results. But that penalty is unlikely to happen,” Spalletti said after the ufabet game.

“It didn’t change direction. It didn’t hit his finger. It only hit the tip of a finger. The arm also seems to be in a normal natural position.

“Whether the defender has to keep his hands behind his back at all times. Which limits the movement on the run, or I don’t know what they expected to do.

“Like I said, Barcelona deserved to equalize, but not penalties.”

“Osimhen gives us these incredible changes of pace. He still needs to learn about the right movements, as in the second half. He was caught offside four or five times when he really should’ve been following the line. The midfielders also need to draw out an opposition defender to then put the pass through.

“I do see this performance as an improvement, if we can only carry on certain moves and approaches for the whole game. It was the choice of defending deeper that cost us, because that was a choice. When we attacked Barcelona, we caused them a lot of problems.”