Strategies for Brilliantly Paraphrasing Articles

Learn the Skill of Paraphrasing Articles

You may feel like you have been summarizing text instead of paraphrasing it if you have been having plagiarism issues. AS you climb up the ladder of education, more of your write-ups will require contributions from other sources. Students working through technical courses will need more significant input from other academics to complete their assignments. Unfortunately, this opens the door to plagiarism that schools do not tolerate.

Summarizing and article refer to collecting the opinions of an author in your writing. Ideally, you need to aim to use fewer words. On the other hand, paraphrasing is trying to convey the same message with different wordings. Understanding the difference between these two is crucial in helping you avoid plagiarizing content. This piece has useful strategies you can use to improve your skills in paraphrasing articles.

Addressing the Structure of the Sentences

It is said that if you cannot explain a thing simply, you do not understand what it is. Thus, the first thing you should do is read on your topic. Start with collecting the sources you will need for the write-up. Go through them to grasp the ideas that the authors were putting across. This will help you form your own opinions and start to think of how you can explain the same to someone else.

The next step involves noting down the themes and concepts the literature has covered. It would be best if you did this part without referring to the text. This is also a terrific way to test your memory and how much you can remember from a study session. Ensure you cover the sections that are key to completing your article.

Make a comparison on your draft against the literature you combed through. Do not just check to see if you have gotten all the essential points. Instead, make an attempt to see if you have captured the ideas of the articles. Is your version of events different? Are you both saying the same thing?

Changing the Words Used in the Text

After you have gone through the steps outlined above, you should check the diction of your piece. Ideally, you need to use different words in your write-up. Most plagiarism checkers are designed to find out if you have used similar wordings to another author. Ensure that you have a thesaurus with you to find synonyms. You can find numerous editing tools that have inbuilt dictionaries that make the work more straightforward.

When it comes to technical write-ups, using synonyms may alter the meaning of the text. Nevertheless, you can change the word class and order to make your writing unique. This technique entails switching the form of the verbs you use, which changes the sentence's arrangement of words. After all, the plagiarism software check for consecutive use of similar phrases.

In summary, try to follow the strategies given above to get better at paraphrasing articles. Your academic future hangs in the balance since some schools expel students who plagiarize. Practice the methods explained above frequently. After all, through consistent trials, your skills will improve and your grades with them.

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