Writing Guide: What Does Research Proposal Contain?

Elements That Make a Good Research Paper

Do you want to deliver a perfect research paper without struggling as other students do? It is easy. It is essential to know the mistakes that many learners make not to repeat them.

The first mistake is that many students do is coming up with a complicated or multifaceted topic to sound smart.

In academic writing, you will be considered smart if you deliver a quality piece. Ensure that you come up with a superior paper that demonstrates your understanding of the subject. The kind of topic will only matter if you have done the right thing and presented the information coherently. Writing on a multifaceted topic is not easy. You have a lot to handle that you cannot write competitively within the required word count.

Make sure to come up with a good topic. It must be about something that interests you. You get positive energy while writing on a fascinating subject. The same will be translated into your paper. If you are not interested in what you are writing, no one will. Your piece must be fast exciting to you before you deliver it to someone else.

When you have the correct topic, writing will be much simple when you divide the research paper into district elements where the title is the first and determines the extent of your research, your writing approach, and the techniques employed in writing.


An abstract summarizes your entire research paper to ensure that individuals who read it understand your work even if they have not had prior knowledge. It includes your objectives, sums the data collection approaches, treatment, and examination. Summarize the results and show the research deductions.


It is the section that directs the flow of your paper. It must provide the general feel about the article without disclosing much. It must also include a thesis statement and rationalize your work by stating why the study is essential.

Literature review

It concentrates on other recent scholarly works and provides more information about the topic. It presents the gap in knowledge and shows how you settled on a particular subject.


Here you provide the techniques used to carry out your research work. The details should be in-depth and rationalized. You must explain to the reader why you selected particular approaches. Ensure that what you provide can help the reader to duplicate your results. Be clear and logical.


Provide your finding without explaining. You can make graphs or tables or anything that can provide your results. Ensure you balance between writings, tables, and graphs.


Discuss the results and show the effects as it relates to the thesis. You can also connect the results to other studies. Here you can provide recommendations as you outline your interpretation.


Provide a list of references for all materials you used in your study. Do not forget to include sources provide within the text.

The bottom line is to work with your instructor's guidelines to know what must be included in your paper. We have highlighted the basic structure, but some instructors may require you to omit some sections like the abstract. So, follow their guidelines if you want to deliver a winning piece.

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